botox Botox is a prescribed medicine that is injected into the human muscles and is used temporary to improve severe frown lines on the eye brows and to improve severe crow’s feet on some adults. A person using botox is advised to get medical help from a doctor if experiencing symptoms such as speaking, adiposity breathing problems which can lead to death due to the weakening of the associated muscles, clinic loss of strength, ophthalmologist double and blurred lines,loss of voice,difficulties in the control of bladder,swallowing troubles and dropping eyelids.

Uses of Botox.
It is used to treat overactive bladder such as leaking urine and often urination in adults. It is also used to treat urine leakage in older people,prevents headaches in adults which can last upto five hours due to chronic migraine,treats increased muscle stiffness in the elbows and wrists in older peoples. It is also used to treat abnormal head position and pain in the neck which occurs due to cervical dystonia. It can also be injected in the skin to treat severe underarm sweating.

A person who is allergic to any ingredient contained in botox or any other botox product should avoid using it so as to prevent side effects that may appear afterwards. Patients with urinary problems should avoid its treatment but if they are willing and are able to initiate cauterization they should try out the treatment. Treating diabetes mellitus with botox increases the chances of developing urinary retention sometimes in the future thus it is important to consider other treatment methods apart from the use of botox.

Allergic reactions such as itching,rashes,asthma,dizziness and wheezing occurs most especially to persons who have taken a dose of botox compared to other products. When experiencing breathing difficulties you should contact your doctor since he would be able to monitor your breathing problems during upper limb treatment with botox which is usually associated with neurological conditions. Also patients receiving botox treatment are at a risk of contacting pulmonary problems associated with respiratory status.

People receiving Botox Boston treatment could also experience the risk of cornea problems which can happen most especially to people with nerve disorders. Botox causes eyelids to blink less which in turn leads to the surface of the eye being exposed to air more than usual. If you inform your doctor,he could treat your eyes by either giving you contact lenses,an eye patch or ointments. Other symptoms that have been experienced while undergoing Botox treatment includes bronchitis,bleeding behind the eyeball and upper respiratory infections that occurs mostly on people with breathing problems.

Before undergoing Botox treatment,you should first contact your doctor if you are using other medicines,this is because these medicines could cause severe side effects on your body. Other important things you should let your doctor know is if you have had any botulinum product in the past four or more months,if you have received any antibiotic injection.taken cold medicines or even you have taken any sleep enhancing medicine.

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